Sales teams are busy - maximize efficiency by accessing product data in the moment when it is most critical.



Sales teams are not short on information about the products they sell: marketing teams pump out PDF after PDF on products and sometimes IT will build custom applications dedicated to a single product line. The problem members of sales teams face is how to access all of the data contained within each piece of collateral efficiently.

When specific product information is not readily accessible, users default to one or more a few eventualities: they ask a colleague if he or she has the needed information, they spend time manually searching through various collateral for the needed information, they call customer service or marketing to ask for the information or, worst of all, they give up. Each of the above scenarios decreases the efficiency of not only the sales team member looking for information, but also each additional colleague they loop into the search.


How RELATABLE can help

Access intelligent search capabilities within the Product Data Catalog to instantly find the product data needed without having to inefficiently track down information across a siloed organization.

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All the data you need in one place, accessible on any device

Access attribute-level product data ( like dimensions, design features, codes, indications) and collateral (like animations, PDFs, white papers, presentations, webinars) all within a single location.

Intelligent search capabilities to find needles in haystacks

Easily search and filter the Product Data Catalog to find product data as efficiently as possible, wherever you are on whatever device.

Visualize how your products position against competitive ones

All products, including competitive ones, are algorithmically related and may be compared side-by-side.

Access real-time inventory data via the Automated Inventory Management (AIM) add-on module

Eliminate the time cost of manually managing inventory in the field and gain access to powerful usage analytics on the products you sell.

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