Actionable business intelligence on medical devices.


Be knowledgeable and efficient


Engage surgeons with objective data


Supply your supply chain


Achieve Contracting Goals

We give you the power to visualize value quicker and more affordably than any other option.

Without standardization, every methodology to compare products is variable and subjective, making it virtually impossible for supply chain personnel and clinicians to both quickly understand what a device is and how it relates to devices currently being used today.

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Realize savings easier

Our customers quickly visualize areas of redundant spend by product type, procedure or service line - making cost containment or vendor consolidation initiatives a breeze.


Reduce labor expenses

Our web-based software is like having an additional supply chain expert on your staff - giving you more time to focus on what’s important.


Improve physician communication

We create common ground for physicians, administrators and purchasing managers to have productive conversations about medical devices to better understand what they are.


Pricing and product transparency

We take an algorithmic approach to relating similar products so that our customers may objectively compare devices to determine value received for the price paid.


Reduce RFP cycle time

We’ve streamlined how our customers source product information from suppliers and evaluate their contracting options, moving from a months-long process to as quickly as a week.