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As your product portfolio grows, so too do the challenges of managing, communicating and applying product data consistently across your organization and, more importantly, with clients. In today's high-speed, data-driven business environment, a continued reliance on manual, legacy processes will lead to ever-increasing costs that drive margins downward. Employees and customers alike require product information in an instant - deploy a solution that can deliver insight at the speed of light.


How RELATABLE can help

As an organization dedicated to delivering best-in-class products to your clients, every single person on your team needs to know something about the products you manufacture - whether that person is in sales, marketing, contracting, R&D, distribution, business development or customer service.

Explore the broad impact we can bring your organization across multiple departments, all from a single platform.


The Product Data Catalog allows marketing teams to easily manage, search, visualize and communicate product data consistently across an entire organization in ways sales enablement software can only dream.

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Access intelligent search capabilities within the Product Data Catalog (PDC) to empower sales teams with the ability to instantly find the product information needed without having to inefficiently track down information across a siloed organization.

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Combined with the Product Data Catalog (PDC), the Guided Purchase Solution (GPS) helps contracting teams execute a strategy that focuses on features, not broad categorization, deploying data-driven methods that automate proactive product category conversions and RFP response, highlighting the innovation, differentiation and value attributes of your products - and brand - versus the competition.

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Combined with the Product Data Catalog (PDC), our Automated Inventory Management (AIM) solution delivers real-time visibility on every single product in the field, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, reporting the location, expiration dates, personnel custody and usage of each tracked product.

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Custom Roles

Create custom experiences for any role in your organization and let us work with you to develop a plan to ensure we are maximizing efficiency when it comes to the application of governed product data to a workflow.

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