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Powerful workflow automation software to communicate the value and breadth of your product portfolio

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Improve customer communication with understandable information

Automatically cross-reference your products to competitive ones using custom matching rules, feature-based Product Comparison Tables, and customer-specific pricing. Better manage your competitive product intelligence to export ready-to-deliver RFP responses directly to Excel and PDF. And do it all in minutes (not days), eliminate missed customer deadlines, and communicate why your products should be used to treat patients.

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Expand customer access using a new digital channel

Through our software, relevant physicians will receive informative recommendations tailored to their usage and compare features on your products versus those in use today. Empower physicians to make informed product decisions by including marketing material, efficacy studies, surgical technique videos (and more). Partner with us using technology to gain access to the physicians and administrators most likely to purchase your products.

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Customize customer targeting to grow your business

Our software forecasts the cost impact of conversion to your products based on prior usage, making it easier to grow market share with new and current customers. Hundreds of millions of dollars of usage data is uploaded by providers to our software, giving you the ability to target your perfect customer. With Relatable, communicate the value of your product portfolio directly (and digitally) to the ultimate decision-maker - physicians.

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