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Marketing teams are challenged to provide sales and contracting teams an efficient and effective method to navigate their own and competitive products to be better informed in order to drive top-line revenue growth. Developing sales support collateral is key to the efficient communication of information to customers, but it is no longer enough in a highly competitive device market where successfully differentiating products is paramount to success.

Sales and contracting personnel spend significant amounts of time searching for product data critical to customer needs buried across multiple support collateral and are often ill-equipped to respond to customers in ways that communicate a story of value, innovation and differentiation.

To put this practice into perspective, imagine if customer data were to be communicated throughout an organization via spreadsheets and PDFs as opposed to the streamlined and well-governed management capabilities Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions bring.


How RELATABLE can help

Product Relationship Management (PRM) provides marketing the power to build a data-driven, collaborative culture that changes the way users interact with product data on every device. Our cloud-based Product Data Catalog empowers users to easily manage, search, visualize and communicate tailored product data consistently in order to increase marketing team effectiveness and sales and contracting team workflow efficiency.

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Get up and running in minutes

Populating the Product Data Catalog is as easy as uploading Excel spreadsheets with the information you need and matching to recipient fields in RELATABLE.

Streamline how you manage product data

Our intuitive UI makes it easy to manage and communicate version-controlled information including, attribute-level product data (like dimensions, design features, codes, indications) and collateral (like animations, PDFs, white papers, presentations, webinars).

Control product messaging across teams

Get your team members on the same page when it comes to product messaging and invite information-needy users outside your team to your account to boost efficiency.

Access cross-referenced products instantly

Never manually crosswalk competitive products again with our ability to algorithmically relate similar products via Product Relationship Definitions.

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